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Member agrees to enter complete and accurate information into his/her user account and keep the account updated with current information at all times. Registration information is confidential and member retains the right to public anonymity. Member is welcome to retain multiple usernames, but must provide complete and accurate information for all accounts.

Posting Content

Member agrees to refrain from posting the following types of content on the Message Boards, in the Classifieds section, and in the Chat Room:

  • Tasteless Comments - Vulgarity, beyond "PG-rated" profanity, discussion of pornography or illegal activities, racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory or personally demeaning remarks, and other offensive language. Masking words by replacing a portion of the letters with keyboard symbols or intentional misspellings is not an acceptable substitute.

  • Harassment - Posting for the purpose of annoying or irritating others or publicizing personal information about others.

  • Defamation of Character - Although voicing opinions and expressing displeasure with another's actions or decisions are acceptable, personal attacks on individuals or establishments for the purpose of degradation or harm are not. Likewise, constructive criticism is encouraged, but unnecessary negativity with the intent of demeaning others is not welcome.

  • Allegations - Unsubstantiated or opinionated accusations of others lying, cheating, or being involved in other immoral or illegal activity.

  • Flaming - Participating in verbal warfare with other users. Although disagreements and heated discussions are acceptable as a normal part of online dialog, conversations must subsist at a professional level and not result in offensive name calling, personal threats, or other fighting language. Examples include the use of terms such as "stupid", "dumb", "idiot", "moron", "shut up", "keep your mouth shut", "think before you open your mouth", and other similar wording.

  • Impersonating Others - Posting information under a username that is titled to be similar to another's username or to include another's personal or business name or information with the intent to mislead others into believing the post was made by that person. This especially applies to impersonating a dirtdrivers.com administrator.

  • Copyrighted Material - Any copyrighted material without the expressed written consent of its author. Members will be held fully responsible for any posts that infringe or violate copyrights. dirtdrivers.com will not be held responsible for member-posted information that may violate copyright law.

  • Posting Etiquette

    Member agrees to not inconvenience other users by posting in inappropriate locations on the site, and agrees to observe the following guidelines:

  • Advertising - Line listing types of advertising will be confined to the Classifieds section. dirtdrivers.com acknowledges that racing is a commercially driven sport and there is a lot of gray area in the definition of advertising. However, any post made on the Message Boards deemed to be more suited for the Classifieds section will be removed.

  • Non-Racing Topics - Discussions of subjects other than racing will be restricted to the Intermission (Non-Racing) Message Board. This understandably also involves gray area and members are asked to cooperate to keep the racing boards from being diluted with non-racing content.

  • Misplaced Announcements - Announcements for upcoming events or other press releases will be posted only on boards that the announcement directly affects. If the announcement does not apply specifically to any track or series, it should be posted on the General Racing board only. Announcements that conflict with a particular track's or series' interests will not be posted on that message board. Tracks or series working together to cross promote is acceptable, but otherwise, members should request permission from a given track or series prior to posting announcements on that board. Duplicating posts across multiple boards is considered spamming and should be avoided.

  • Member Acknowledgement

    As a member of dirtdrivers.com, I:

  • Agree to abide by all terms and conditions above.

  • Understand that violating any of the terms and conditions above may result in my posts being edited or removed by dirtdrivers.com or other official message board rep and/or my membership being terminated without refund.

  • Understand that if I choose to purchase a new membership after a previous membership is terminated for violation of terms and conditions, that dirtdrivers.com reserves the right to terminate the new membership without refund based on past actions.

  • Understand that these terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and I agree to abide by any new requirements.

  • Understand that it is my responsibility to review this page regularly to keep abreast of any new requirements.

  • Agree to check the Private Message Board regularly for requests or instructions sent to me from dirtdrivers.com regarding my membership.

  • Understand that no membership refunds will be given for any reason, including the cessation of the dirtdrivers.com site.

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