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dirtdrivers.com claims no responsibility for the accuracy of any classifieds posted or for the integrity of those doing business via the classifieds, and recommends all users to exercise caution when buying or selling.

Ad Heading Contact Posted
scott shielded hei plug wires 90degree boots $30      bill flegg 2/17 8:48pm
Sunday. Sunday. Sioux city racers swap meet      lloyd schweigert 2/17 6:07pm
2017 Phantom Recon      don rasmussen 2/17 1:51pm
2015 Phantom Triton Cage Kart - Sold Thanks DD      Nick Dice 2/17 10:42am
Tire bubble balancer $25      bill flegg 2/17 10:40am
Fire Supression System      Pat Krug 2/16 11:11am
15"x14" Weld Beadlock Wheels $150      Pat Krug 2/16 10:58am
ROSCOE alky 750 crate carb for 604 crate or open       bill flegg 2/16 10:46am
Terminator Stock Car - Needs to go.      Brian Kenkel 2/14 8:42am
Get your spots. Feb 23 sioux city      lloyd schweigert 2/13 7:14pm
Sell your stuff at sioux city swap meet      lloyd schweigert 2/12 6:20am
Hardened powerglide input shaft--$35      bill flegg 2/11 2:13pm
Csm motor sports. Your Harris dealer on hand at Si      lloyd schweigert 2/10 8:16pm
Dillon radiator will be on hand at sioux city      lloyd schweigert 2/10 8:13pm
Stock Car 72 and Trailor For Sale      Mick Frieze 2/10 2:34pm
large fuell cells think 32 gallon $35 each      Vern Ruschmann 2/10 11:26am
several race seats great for sportcompac $35      Vern Ruschmann 2/10 11:19am
S&S 26' ENCLOSED TRAILER W/FRESH PAINT      Al Druesedow 2/9 11:20am
Lucius oil dist. At sioux city swap meet      lloyd schweigert 2/9 9:29am
RC-2 high flow air cleaner base- $30      bill flegg 2/7 9:27pm
TWO--3-off bead locks 15x8 5 on 5 $50 ea      bill flegg 2/7 9:23pm
Welding supply's at sioux city swap meet. Feb 23      lloyd schweigert 2/7 7:59pm
2015 Phantom Triton Cage Kart      Nick Dice 2/7 2:24pm
2004 S&S 40ft Trailer/Freightliner Truck $74,500      Ralph Woodard 2/7 12:37pm
Dirt track supply will have fire suits at the siou      lloyd schweigert 2/6 9:34pm
Kirkey 17" Race Seat      Kyle Berck 2/6 12:51pm
17 razor elite      Jaymison Coffelt 2/6 7:46am
Sardeson racing will be at the sioux city racers F      lloyd schweigert 2/5 7:15pm
2019 Lonhorn Late Model       Nick Alexander 2/5 4:07pm
Andy Durham 438 Wide Bore Chevy motor      Nick Alexander 2/5 4:03pm
Filling up. Some spots avaliable. Sioux city      lloyd schweigert 2/4 6:14pm
2012 stock car      Dylan Haney 2/4 2:57pm
ROSCOE alky 750 crate carb for 604 crate      bill flegg 2/4 1:38pm
IMCA Spec Motor      Josh Leonard 2/4 10:11am
Hobby stock shocks      Justin Morton 2/4 10:09am
2015 Charger Hobby Stock      Justin Morton 2/4 6:58am
Thousands of parts. Spots avaliable.       lloyd schweigert 2/3 9:38pm
TWO--3-off bead locks 15x8 5 on 5 $50 ea      bill flegg 2/3 4:09pm
Cutlass body panels      Curt Drake 2/3 1:32pm
1999 chevy silverado 2 wheel drive       clayton crimmins 1/31 10:49am
Kyle Berck Motorsports 04 Rocket with Many Updates      Dave Cook 1/31 12:02am
Order your parts have them delivered to the sioux       lloyd schweigert 1/30 7:37pm
columbas neb swapmeet feb 1st and 2nd      Vern Ruschmann 1/30 10:28am
Get your spot sioux city racers swap meet      lloyd schweigert 1/28 6:59pm
4 Daytona 500 Tickets      Nick Alexander 1/28 12:24am
jet sportmod      vern hubers 1/26 1:08pm
Theres cash at the sioux city racers swap meet      lloyd schweigert 1/25 11:04am
2000 GRT Late Model Full Roller With Updates $2900 or Trade      Dave Cook 1/24 9:41pm
NASCAR Press Guide / Yearbook 2007 & 2008      Dave Cook 1/24 9:41pm
Speedway Illustrated / NASCAR Insider Magazines      Dave Cook 1/24 9:41pm
Fire Suppression System for Late Model      Pat Krug 1/23 7:04pm
two high flow air cleaner bases--new$45 each      bill flegg 1/22 6:48pm
Get your spot sioux city racers swap meet      lloyd schweigert 1/22 6:08pm
pepsi blue pop rivets--4 boxes--$25      bill flegg 1/22 4:44pm
220 single phase hanging garage heater--$40      bill flegg 1/22 4:42pm
3-off 15x8 5 on 5 bead lock wheels real $60 ea      bill flegg 1/22 4:40pm
racing parts,utility trailer      clayton crimmins 1/22 2:18pm
WATCH "PLAYMATE DOES RACING" ON YOUTUBE      Al Druesedow 1/22 10:54am
2002 chevy silverado alloy 16 in. wheels -4 $75      bill flegg 1/21 3:08pm
Tubing Bender      Ken Eckhoff 1/21 9:25am
Sheet Metal Brake      Ken Eckhoff 1/21 9:19am
Saginaw 3 speed B Mod Tranny      Ken Eckhoff 1/21 9:11am
Uncle Frank's Clone for sale      Chuck Dillon 1/20 12:13pm
Get your spot sioux city racers swap meet      lloyd schweigert 1/19 7:59am
360 CHEVY MOTOR      kenny kovar 1/17 6:36pm
MUNCIE 4 SPEEDS & LW 2 SPEEDS REMANUFACTORED      Al Druesedow 1/17 9:23am
220 single phase hanging garage heater--$45      bill flegg 1/15 4:21pm
hitch mount cargo carrier -aluminum-$65      bill flegg 1/15 3:43pm
Powerglide Rebuilder      Todd Schmitt 1/15 1:41pm
Willy's Slick Track Carb      Kaid Calhoon 1/15 10:26am
open trailer      Jim Jorgensen 1/15 6:18am
2014 Black Diamond/Club 29      Blake Andersen 1/14 8:38pm
Rigid pipe vise$65      bill flegg 1/12 9:05pm
spring pull bar new eibach 500-2000 spring $60      bill flegg 1/12 9:04pm
crate insider high flow air cleaner base-new $50      bill flegg 1/12 8:26pm
TWO--3-off bead locks 15x8 5 on 5 $60 ea      bill flegg 1/12 8:21pm
4 --2002 16 inch silverado aluminum wheels $85      bill flegg 1/12 8:18pm
Mpp..tools will be at the sioux city racers swap F      lloyd schweigert 1/12 6:06pm
Crate 3 speed set up sold      jamie Bruce 1/12 12:03pm
2 NEW IMCA SPEC MOTORS DYNO TIME ONLY      Al Druesedow 1/10 10:11am
kappler chassis body panels      Vern Ruschmann 1/10 6:54am
swapmeet siouxfalls 1 11 19      Vern Ruschmann 1/10 6:46am
Crate 3 Speed set up      jamie Bruce 1/9 6:33pm
* Price Reduced *-Terminator Stock Car       Brian Kenkel 1/9 1:44pm
604 crate      Denny 1/8 4:30pm
Race tracks on hand. With season info      lloyd schweigert 1/7 9:43pm
30 ft tag S&S trailer - call for pricing      Brian Kosiski 1/7 8:04pm
Iso of 28ft or bigger enclosed       corey bosma 1/7 2:46pm
2019 DeVilbiss XD1 amod      corey bosma 1/7 2:46pm
If you did not get your. Flyer yet. Call      lloyd schweigert 1/6 5:48pm
We still have a few booths left over 300 sold       BILL LEV 1/6 2:29pm
800 steering box off razor sportmod--$40      bill flegg 1/5 6:53pm
Tire bubble balancer $25      bill flegg 1/5 5:32pm
Terminator Stock Car       Brian Kenkel 1/5 3:54pm
1999 ford f 150 short box stepside 4x4 5speed tran      George Semple 1/4 1:52pm
2001 Hyundai Santa fe      George Semple 1/4 1:24pm
1998 Ford Ranger XLT club cab short box Red      George Semple 1/4 1:15pm
NEW HEI Chev. Distributor circle trk set up $75      bill flegg 1/2 9:45pm

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