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dirtdrivers.com claims no responsibility for the accuracy of any classifieds posted or for the integrity of those doing business via the classifieds, and recommends all users to exercise caution when buying or selling.

Ad Heading Contact Posted
wanted--3 piece metric spindles-, rotors bearings-      bill flegg 3/6 6:05pm
MISC. RACE CAR PARTS AND ASCESSORIES       Al Druesedow 3/6 3:49pm
99 Cavalier Z/24      Pat Pierce 3/3 6:32pm
2014 HARRIS A-MOD ROLLER $7,500.00      b perdue 3/3 10:31am
floater reareend $150 20 different floater axels $      Vern Ruschmann 3/3 9:26am
325 9 inch posi $250      Vern Ruschmann 3/3 9:21am
lt1s sold thanks dirtdriver      Vern Ruschmann 2/28 4:29pm
500 and 514 full 28 spline full spool 9 inch $225       Vern Ruschmann 2/28 7:19am
750 demon alcahol carb$200      Vern Ruschmann 2/28 7:13am
350 holley carb $200      Vern Ruschmann 2/13 5:34pm
lt1 exhaust manifolds $150 pair      Vern Ruschmann 2/13 5:30pm
Rage Cage Karts      Nick Dice 2/13 10:59am
9 inch 3rd members and whole rearends      Vern Ruschmann 2/11 4:26pm
swapmeet feb 21 2021 soth sx neb      Vern Ruschmann 2/11 4:20pm
kappler chassis body panels      Vern Ruschmann 2/8 10:12am
swapmeet south sioux city neb 2 21 2021      Vern Ruschmann 2/8 10:10am
2014 HARRIS A-MOD ROLLER $8,500.00      b perdue 2/3 8:25pm
Muncie two speed      Todd 2/3 10:52am
9 inch gears      1/24 6:19pm
2018 rage cage cart      Jim Johnson 1/24 4:27pm
LOOKING 4      kenny kovar 1/24 2:16pm
Kyle Berck Motorsports 04 Rocket with Many Updates $3800      Dave Cook 1/22 10:26pm
NASCAR Press Guide / Yearbook 2007 & 2008      Dave Cook 1/22 10:26pm
Speedway Illustrated / NASCAR Insider Magazines      Dave Cook 1/22 10:26pm
WTB Old Chevelle Race Car      Todd 1/22 1:29pm
columbas swapmeet 1 23 2021      Vern Ruschmann 1/22 5:17am
2020 Big Johnson      Scott 1/17 10:23pm
Puma SZ 11 Racing Shoes      Residential # No Text 1/17 10:19pm
Hans      Residential # No Text 1/17 10:18pm
Ford f250      Jeremy Tonar 1/17 8:03pm
Open Trailer Sold      1/16 1:10pm
Sparco 3 layer 2 piece fire suit large black$100      bill flegg 1/16 11:16am
RCI air cleaner base for 4 barrel $30      bill flegg 1/16 11:15am
Porky's Speed Shop Fabrication & Repair      Porky 1/15 3:45pm
514 9 inch gear 28 spline $225      Vern Ruschmann 1/13 5:57am
kappler chassis body panels      Vern Ruschmann 1/13 5:50am
Brinn sold      dennis schaaf 1/11 2:50pm
Kart Swap Meet - February 6th      Nick Dice 1/11 10:57am
70 Chevelle/ Old dirt modified      Walker Hoxie 1/9 1:31pm
Brinn transmission       dennis schaaf 1/9 12:49pm
Low Use Open Trailer with box $5500      Andrew Kosiski 1/8 1:06pm
Afco 2 to1 steering quickener      Dean 1/4 2:55pm
567 Gear      Dean 1/4 2:44pm
Bell housing blow proof      Dean 1/4 2:39pm
Springs Afco for sale      Dean 1/4 2:36pm
Bilstein Shocks for sale 7" and 9"      Dean 1/4 2:22pm
5X5 GM Rotors       Dean 1/3 7:44pm
Stockcar carburetors      Dean 1/3 7:40pm
2- 60" Floater rearend.      Dean 1/3 7:27pm
Hoosier G60-15 and rims 5X5 bolt pattern      Dean 1/3 7:19pm
28' and 24' enclosed for rent, Open trailers too..      Dale Primrose Jr., Team 12 Racing, Pettitt Plbg, etc..etc 12/30 10:02am
2018 Victory Stock Car      Jason Minnehan 12/26 1:17pm
2013 Rage Cage Kart--Sold       Dan White 12/23 4:45pm
2013 Rage Cruizer cage kart      Dan White 12/23 12:45am
Qa1 oil shocks       bill kubik 12/20 10:48am
18.5 kirkey seat      bill kubik 12/20 10:42am
Sparco 3 layer 2 piece fire suit large black$100      bill flegg 12/19 12:46pm
1960s pennsoil paper oil cans full --zl7      bill flegg 12/18 12:25pm
RC-2 high flow air cleaner base- $35      bill flegg 12/18 12:20pm
swapmeet is on desmoies ia 11 19 2020      Vern Ruschmann 12/18 5:34am
E-Z Bend Racer's Brake      Ken Eckhoff 12/16 11:41am
E-Z Bend Tubing Bender      Ken Eckhoff 12/16 11:13am
Chevelle Lower A Frames 68-72 OEM Original      Ken Eckhoff 12/16 10:34am
Pinto Spindles Stock Ford      Ken Eckhoff 12/16 10:14am
Saginaw 3 speed B Mod tranny      Ken Eckhoff 12/16 9:57am
Advanced Racing Shocks      Calls Only 12/15 8:59am
BSB Shocks for Mod      Calls Only 12/15 8:58am
2014 HARRIS A-MOD OR B-MOD      b perdue 12/14 9:34pm
kappler chassis body panels sx falls jan 9th swapm      Vern Ruschmann 12/14 12:10pm
monte carlo hood varius bumpers and driveshafts      Vern Ruschmann 12/14 12:07pm
kappler chassis body panels jan 232021 columbus      Vern Ruschmann 12/14 12:04pm
WTB ENCLOSED TRAILER 6X12' 0R 7X14'      Al Druesedow 12/13 1:43pm
anybody know about columbus neb swapmmeet 2021      Vern Ruschmann 12/13 10:03am
Cage kart      billy koons 12/12 4:47pm
Cage Karts      Nick Dice 12/9 7:16am
5 th wheel car trailer       perry Misner 12/8 8:25pm
Looking for a couple bumper jacks      Jeremy Gnat 12/8 1:59pm
Speedway Motors Racing Shoes      Brandon Thornton 12/7 3:33pm
Hans device      Brandon Thornton 12/6 2:36pm
kappler chassis body panels      Vern Ruschmann 12/5 8:51am
454 bbc      Dan 12/3 8:33am
Wanted -old oem pinto spindles      bill flegg 12/2 1:04pm
Sioux Falls Swap Meet Jan. 9,2021      BILL LEV 12/2 12:54pm
6.00 & 6.20 Gears      Scotty Hartman 11/25 12:32pm
NEW BRODIX IMCA SPEC. HEADS AND MANIFOLD      Al Druesedow 11/25 11:00am
2015 Missile Chassis      Jack Snoberger 11/24 9:42pm
2017 Swartz      bill kubik 11/22 1:42pm
Older imca stock car figure 8 car or Enduro car       Derk 11/19 10:39am
looking for PS pump and 600 gear      Robert 11/19 9:26am
Bert aluminum jack      11/17 3:23pm
chevy blocks 307 350 400 $50       Vern Ruschmann 11/16 1:03pm
80/s montecarlo hood $60      Vern Ruschmann 11/16 12:57pm
CLECO KIT FOR race car body installs--$30      bill flegg 11/16 9:16am
Air density gauge--for jetting adjustments $50      bill flegg 11/15 10:57am
POP Rivets--assorted colors--$7.50 per box      bill flegg 11/13 10:33pm
Hardened powerglide in-put shaft--$40      bill flegg 11/12 4:57pm
2014 HARRIS A MOD $9,500. ROLLER       b perdue 11/11 6:18pm
Looking for 350cfm carb      Robert 11/4 8:20pm

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