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Little Sunset Speedway (NE)
Location: Greenwood, NE
Office: (402) 342-3453
Track: (402) 659-3301
Web Site: www.i-80speedway.com/littlesunset

 Rainout Report

No report

 2019 Race Schedule

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 Classes & Drivers

Scaled Sprint

Porter, Sam - 35
Rasmussen, Don - 15
Schuman, William - 77
Thornton, Avari - 21a
Thornton, Braydon - 21t

= Driver has updated profile within the past year.
= Driver has updated profile within the past two years.
= Driver has not updated profile within the past two years.

Staff editing may be more recent than Driver update, such as when photos are added, etc.

 Race Results


Senior Hoosier Cage Kart
1) 47b Steve Brown

Senior Carlisle Cage Kart
1) 99m Mandy Baker
2) 44x Jerry Petracek

Senior Predator Cage Kart
1) 53j Jonathan Anderson
2) 6m Dan Markham
3) 6f Faithlynn Markham
4) 51n Nathaniel Anderson
5) 55 Savanna Williams
6) 6 Madison Markham

Junior Wazoom Cage Kart
1) 21s Austin Sterling

Junior 2 Clone Cage Kart
1) 35 Aidan Russell
2) 9r Roman Blessing
3) 1 Jenus Blessing

Junior 1 Clone Cage Kart
1) 43 Derek Daly
2) 75 Luke Williams
3) 7 Cole Hastie
4) 42 Anden Sutter

Charger Cage Kart
1) 44a Alaina Hall
2) 36s Braeten Street
3) 26m Malorie Zeitner
4) 6e Elissa Hunt
5) 16 Fynn Heath-Preston

Rookie Cage Kart
1) 32h Sean Hipsher
2) 7k Dylan Kruse
3) 24x Aden Brown
4) 6 Axle Berghahn
5) 56 Kole Imig
6) 28 Kennedy Hubbard

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