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94.1 Jim Jorgensen          Updated by Driver: 11/28/2000
Proofed by Staff: 9/20/2006

 Driver Information
Hometown: Omaha,NE
Birthdate: 8/2/50
Height: 5'11"
Email Address: njorgensen@journalbroadcastgroup.com
Marital Status: Married - Nancy
Children: Daughter Jodie & Husband Eric, Grandsons Eric & Elijah
Employer: Self - Jim Jorgensen Trucking
Year Started Racing: 1971
Total Years Racing: 29
Racing Hero: Mark Martin - like his personality and racing style

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 1999 Rocket
Owner: Dave Doll
Crew Chief: Mark Welchert/Dave Stuckey
Crew: Cale Windorski, Adam Hoffman, Ben Bickel
Sponsors & Support: I would like to thank Dave Doll for the great race cars and wonderful opportunities he has provided me with. Also, a BIG THANKS to WOW! Country 94.1 for the great sponsorship. And to Danielle Jensen for the great race reports!

 Tracks & Series
None Currently

 Awards & Accomplishments
Sunset Speedway: Rookie of the Year, Most popular Driver, A Feature Wins, Modified Special Winner, Top 10 in points over 20 years.

Adams County Speedway: Numerous Modified A Feature Wins, 10 Trophy Dashes, Special Event Winner.

I-80 Speedway: Most Popular Driver, 10 A Feature Wins, 2000 TRACK CHAMPION.

Shelby County Speedway: Tiny Lund Trophy Dash Win.

 Career Summary
All the Jorgensens were raised close to Sunset Speedway and started going as kids, as soon as it opened. Dad was the gate man and Mom used to bring all six kids to the races. A relative (Leonard Christofferson) raced and had the #97. I actually started driving in 1971, when a cousin (who was the original driver) didn't come out of the Inn after intermission...I jumped in the car, did really well, and have raced ever since. Over the past 29 years, I've raced at Sunset, I-80, Adams County, Shelby County, Colorado National, I-70, Black Hills, Webster City, West Liberty, Park Jefferson, Denison, and others.

 Racing Goals
At my age...the ability to race for a few more years!!
 Other Interesting Team Information
After 29 years of racing we have too many stories to list here. However, the only real "ritual" we have is to pray before the races.

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