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9 Terry Peterson          Updated by Driver: 8/26/2003
Proofed by Staff: 8/26/2003

 Driver Information
Nickname: Axl
Hometown: HarlanIA
Birthdate: 1/6/80
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180
Email Address: axlpeterson@lycos.com
Marital Status: Single
Children: Abby - 7 Months
Employer: Hallet Materials
Job: Truck Driver
Year Started Racing: 1998
Total Years Racing: 4
Racing Hero: Fred Miller - he drove a Ford and kicked everyone's ass!!

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 1980 Ford LTD
Motor: Ford Cleveland 357
Owner: Terry Peterson
Crew Chief: Tracy, Tommy Mindy Butch
Crew: Mom, Tana, Tracy, Tommy, Mindy, Brice, Jesus Christ, and of course Corky & Flower.
Sponsors & Support: God, Ford Motor Company, Terry's Garage, Dirt Works, Marlboro, Budweiser, Fred Miller, Mom, Brice, Terry Jr., Tana, GNR, Duke, Jeff Juhl, Michelle, Gene, and the others - they know who they are.

 Tracks & Series
Shelby County Speedway (IA) - Hobby Stock #9

 Awards & Accomplishments
I accomplished blowing a motor every Saturday night when I ran Cruisers.
 Career Summary
My cousin, Jeff Juhl, got me into racing. Freddie Miller turned me on to the 2-door LTD which will win this year.
 Racing Goals
To finish each race in one piece so I can get home. To make a lot of friends. Just to go out and have fun. And beat the Chevys!
 Other Interesting Team Information
My Dad and I would root for Bill Elliot and I thought if I could race I could pick up a hot chick and I did!! My number comes from the #9 of Freddie Miller. I listen to Guns N' Roses before race night and get in my Mustang and jack around on gravel roads.

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