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5s Shelly Sasse          Updated by Driver: 4/18/2004
Proofed by Staff: 4/19/2004

 Driver Information
Hometown: Omaha,NE
Birthdate: 2/27/76
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115
Email Address: ssasse1@cox.net
Marital Status: Engaged - Damian (10/9/04)
Employer: American General / AIG
Job: Insurance Agent
Year Started Racing: 2003
Total Years Racing: 1

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2001 Jet Viper
Owner: Shelly Sasse
Crew: Roger Hirsch, Jim Sasse (Dad), Damian Andersen.
Sponsors & Support: Without the help of these wonderful sponsors I would not be able to race, so thank you very much for helping make my dream come true!!! Sponsors: Affordable Handyman, J.D. Windows, Casey Rigg, Accent Landscaping, Extreme Motorsports. My dad (Jim) has done more than I could ask for. Sometimes he does so much it makes me upset because I would like him to do other things too. I am so grateful and lucky! Thanks also to my mom (Teresa), my sisters, my cousin Chantel, and definitely Tanner, my favorite Nephew, for all their support and honest feedback. Special thanks to Damian Andersen for his support with such a positive and encouraging attitude (believe it or not we will be getting married October 9th, 2004, a week after October Fest!). Thanks to Wayne Dake for asking me to appear on Speed Secrets as that was a great and fun opportunity. Wayne is so encouraging and truly a genuine person. Thanks to Mr. Jim Schuman, the cards are great!!! I definiately want to say thanks to all those who believe in me and that have helped in any way. The individuals and families I have come to meet at the track have been so very nice and encouraging. I do appreciate it and hope I can give you all a good season! :) Congratulations to Tiffany & Robert Brinkman on their new daughter, Megan Brinkman 4/18/04! Thank you everyone!

 Tracks & Series
Eagle Raceway (NE) - Modified #5s

 Awards & Accomplishments
No awards at this point. Last year probably should have won an award for most 360's!
 Career Summary
I have my first season behind me and I'm ready for the second. I previously had no racing experience but have always had a desire to race since I was a little girl. I used to love going to the races watching my dad (Jim Sasse) race, and the whole atmosphere around it. Thinking of this coming season for 2004 I am very excited. I went to play days at Eagle and Butler County. I think this will be a much better year. I felt I improved every time I went out on the track and am ready to roll! I did have one incident at Butler County. Going into turn #1 the steering wheel came off. I hit the brakes and around the corner comes three cars! Luckily no one was hurt!
 Racing Goals
HAVE FUN, improve weekly, and win a race. Get'er Done!!!
 Other Interesting Team Information
My number, 5s, is because there are five of us Sasse girls - Karen, Shelly, Sarah, Jamie, and Kayla. I would like to say GOOD LUCK to my sister Sarah who is now a professional golfer. She is on the Futures Tour!

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