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1s Scott Carlson          Updated by Driver: 7/10/2014
Proofed by Staff: 7/11/2014

 Driver Information
Nickname: Porky
Hometown: CouncilBluffs,IA
Birthdate: 6/9/61
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 230
Email Address: v_carlson@cox.net
Marital Status: Married - Jill
Children: Nick, Joann, Jean
Employer: Motion Industries
Job: Sales
Year Started Racing: 1984
Total Years Racing: 23
Racing Hero: Al Unser, Jr. - he can drive anything and win.

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2007 Pork-Mod
Motor: WAM Chevy 350
Owner: Scott Carlson
Crew Chief: Nick Carlson
Crew: Nick Carlson, Rusty, Darian, Damo, Jimmy, Richard, Jim, Joey.
Sponsors & Support: M&R Welding - Council Bluffs, IA, Willard Auto Machine (WAM), Fuchs Machinery, Sardeson Racing, Mielkie Blasting - Silver City, IA, Porky's Speed Shop, Mark Wyman (bodies and interior work).

 Tracks & Series
Adams County Speedway (IA) - Modified #1s
Shelby County Speedway (IA) - Modified #1s
Beatrice Speedway (NE) - Modified #1s

 Awards & Accomplishments
Sunset Speedway Best Appearing Car Award, Sunset Most Popular Driver Award, Park Jefferson Speedway Sportsmanship Award, Shelby County Speedway Track Championship, NRP Track Championship, Tiny Lund Championship, Tradition Championship, multiple King of the Hill Championships at Sunset, Shelby County, and NRP, over 150 A Feature wins at all area tracks.
 Career Summary
I have raced primarily in the Pro Am division for the most part. I have raced on occasion in an IMCA Modified, and dabbled in a Late Model a few times. I would love to get into a Late Model full time, but it is more than I can afford. I grew up across the street from Bob Pierce in Illinois and went racing every chance I got. I have seen racing of all sorts since I was very young.
 Racing Goals
I am not big on setting goals, but my Crew Chief, Dennis, is! His goal is to WIN! I truly would like to win each time out, but am realistic enough to know that can't happen, so I only hope to be competitive each time out.
 Other Interesting Team Information
I had a favorite Freddy Smith shirt that I wore to a lot of wins, and it got really worn and thin, and many people made fun of me for that. So I got a new one this summer and will surely wear it out as well. I also have a favorite stall for my Pro Am at home in the garage. I don't like to get my son Nick's car and mine mixed up in the garage!

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