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49 Joel Carlson          Updated by Driver: 8/31/2003
Edited by Staff: 9/3/2003

 Driver Information
Nickname: Speedracer
Hometown: Carroll,NE
Birthdate: 1/3/72
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175
Marital Status: Dating - Christy
Employer: Vakoc Builders Resource
Job: Driver & Delivery Supervisor
Year Started Racing: 1995
Total Years Racing: 6
Racing Hero: Larry Hockmeier - he always ran a 4-door.

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 1978 Chevy Caprice Classic
Motor: Chevy 358
Owner: Joel Carlson
Crew Chief: Christy Huston
Crew: Ryan Rohde, Collin Prince, Brent Doring, Scott Bonsall, Petey Topp, Don Forney, Ken Chamberlin.
Sponsors & Support: White Dog Pub, Vakoc Builders Resource, Bowers Bailing, Hytrek Lawn Service, TWJ Farms, Spann Auto, Captain Video, Winning Edge Collectables. Thanks also to Mom & Dad and family & friends.

 Tracks & Series
Stuart Raceway (NE) - Stock Car #49
US 30 Speedway (NE) - Stock Car #49

 Awards & Accomplishments
Best Appearing Car at U.S. 30 Speedway in 1999, 4th in State Championships in 2001, held points lead at some point every season at 4 different tracks - Riviera, Park Jefferson, Stewart, and U.S. 30 Speedway, Top 10 Points finisher every year raced.
 Career Summary
I started because my brothers raced. I started out sharing a car with my brother before going on my own. I'm known as one of most competitive drivers with a 4-door body style, running against 2-doors. Right now I'm working on moving up to a Grand National.
 Racing Goals
I want to have fun, stay competitive, and keep good sponsors so I can continue building year after year.
 Other Interesting Team Information
The best ritual is that I always get a good luck kiss from Christy, and she tells me "Drive fast, turn left!" My car number came from the Kenny Rogers movie "Six Pack". Our team is known for having too much fun when camping overnight in the pits with our swimming pool that is either filled by the track water truck or the local firemen. We also have fun taking the car through parades to show off our sponsors.

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