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7 Jeremy Tibben          Updated by Driver: 6/20/2006
Proofed by Staff: 6/20/2006

 Driver Information
Hometown: RedOak,IA
Birthdate: 1/2/77
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 195
Email Address: tibbenracing@netins.net
Racing Web Site: www.tibbenracing.com
Marital Status: Married - Amy
Children: Kami - 4, Kywin - 1 Months
Employer: Agri-Solutions
Job: Client Service Manager
Year Started Racing: 2000
Total Years Racing: 6
Racing Hero: Bill Elliott - he's a positive role model to kids, never loses his cool, and he doesn't race for the money, he races for the love of the sport.

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2005 Skyrocket
Motor: Chevy 355
Owner: Jeremy Tibben
Crew Chief: Jud Requist / Bob Harris
Crew: Rick, Roger, Matt Wiechman, Bobby Harris.
Sponsors & Support: Agri-Solutions, Goddard Farms, SuperBowl Sports Bar & Grill - Atlantic, IA, Aero Wheels, Shryock Racing Components, R & R Powdercoating, Short Track Network, Bob Harris Enterprises, J & J Graphic Design, Fastshafts, www.motorsports_plaques.com, Wyman Motorsports. Thanks to Derik & Melissa Tibben, Sue & Randy Botts, Aaron & Cory Botts, Jason & Angie Lang, Roger Tibben, Carol Irwin, Grandpa Tibben, Amy Tibben, Tami Tibben, Jud, Jim Roach, Randy, Paul from Racemart, Jeremy Houck, Joe & Staci Pate, Jim Wyman, Kelly Shryock, and anyone else that I forgot to mention!

 Tracks & Series
Adams County Speedway (IA) - Modified #7
Shelby County Speedway (IA) - Modified #7
USMTS Series - Modified #g7

 Awards & Accomplishments
I raced Go-Karts nationally for three years which got my foot in the door for Modifieds. Statistics include:

22 A Feature Wins (17 in 1999).

National Events:
1998 - 11th of 134 Karts at Tulsa Shootout (Stock Medium).
1998 - 14th of 67 Karts at IKF Grand Nationals (Stock Light).
1998 - 14th of 76 Karts at IKF Grand Nationals (Stock Heavy).
1999 - 9th of 154 Karts at Tulsa Shootout (Stock Heavy).

Points Series:
1997 - IKF Missouri Show Me Series Points Championship(Stock Medium) in rookie year.
1997 - 4th place in Points Series, Adel, IA in rookie year.
1997 - 4th place in Region 5 East IKF Points in rookie year.
1999 - Cornhusker Raceway Park Points Championship, Waverly, NE.

3-Day Events:
1999 - Cornhusker Classic Championship, Waverly, NE.
1999 - Spring Nation Nationals Championship, Allendale, MO (Stock Heavy).
1999 - Spring Nation Nationals Championship, Allendale, MO (Stock Medium).
1999 - Fall Nation Nationals Championship, Allendale, MO (Stock Medium).

2000 - 15th place in Points at Adams County Speedway in rookie year. During 2000 I raced at Corning, Webster City, Audubon, Harlan, and Souix City, IA. Season totals include 1 Top 5, 6 Top 10's, and 13 Top 15's.
2001 - 8th place in Points at Adams County Speedway. Season totals are 3 Top 5's and 15 Top 10's.
2002 - To start off 2002 I ran 3rd and 8th at two of the six Features at Volusia Speedway Park in Florida for Speedweeks. 3rd place in Points in the Mr. Goodcents Super Series presented by the World Dirt League. 4th place in Kosiski Auto Hard Charger Points. 13th place in Adams County Speedway Season Points.
2003 - 14th place in Adams County Speedway Season Points.
2004 - 17th place in Adams County Speedway Season Points.
2005 - 2nd place in Adams County Speedway Season Points.

 Career Summary
I began really small, 1/12 scale to be exact. Dad wanted to make sure that I really wanted to race and make sure it wasn't just a "phase". I raced radio controlled cars for about three or four years with my dad and step-brother. That was definitely a good starting point as it began developing hand-eye coordination and better periphrial vision. A major key that I found is to watch everybody's car except for yours. Your car is the farthest from your focal point on the track, you just want to watch out for accidents so you can avoid them. Then as I was finishing college at Buena Vista University we started racing Go-Karts. I played college football for three years and then we decided to get into racing again. My first year we followed the International Karting Federation points and went to Adel, IA weekly to learn what was going on. Of course my belief was that I could throw a motor on and go out and win because of "sheer natural ability". I learned very fast that being able to drive a car down the highway isn't sheer natural ability. Dad and I went to work buying more current tires, talking to people about setup, and finding a good engine builder. This worked out better because we really pulled things together about midway through the year. The following year we decided not to race any series and to figure out different tracks and race some national events. I think our biggest accomplishment that year was getting karting going in southwest Iowa. Of the karters in the area, three people we sold our first karts to developed current tracks, and of the 21 karts we sold that year, at least 19 of them are still enjoying racing on the weekends. 18 of those drivers bought their first karts from us. My third and final year we raced everywhere we could. We won the points out at Waverly, NE in Mediums and had we payed $25 for the point fund in Heavies that year, we would have won both classes. I found out quickly that I was much faster in Heavies. At the end of that year we decided that we could try to move up and start racing Modifieds. We bought Lonn Schlueter's Sardeson chassis and began racing in 2000. I had a bad crash and destroyed that car in 2001 and bought a new FR-1 Modified from Racemart. We continued racing that style of chassis up until 2005. For 2005 I bought a Skyrocket chassis from Kelly Shryock and my racing career has accelerated by leaps and bounds. We came up just short of a Points Championship after a dismal 2004. If you follow the Tibben Racing Team and you have a pulse you have to be excited about the 2006 season. It will be something to see!
 Racing Goals
Still looking for my first Feature win so that has to be the number one goal. I want to finish Top 5 in Points in 2004. Within five years I'd like to battle for a Championship, within 10 years win a Championship, and win the Sportsmanship Award.
 Other Interesting Team Information
My biggest fascination when I was younger was with the tearoffs from racers helmets. Dad would go in the pits and I would walk the track looking for tearoffs to add to my collection. The promoters had to love me, I collected armloads of tearoffs at every race. Now my whole crew thinks it is funny that I actually am so stingy that I have been caught on more than one occasion cleaning my tear offs so I don't have to use new ones.

I currently have a license plate ziptied to my door bars of the race car, number DV 0001. It is my grandfather's plate. He got the first Disabled Veteran plate in Adair County when they came out. After his death, that is my way of making sure he's riding along.

In karting I used to wear an old Detroit Lions sock on my right foot for good luck. I wore it out and can't use it anymore (not that it ever helped Detroit!).

I think my crew thought it was funny that I have made a trophy room in my house that I am so proud of. They have let me know that it will take a while at the rate of one trophy per season!


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