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1v Gale Vogt          Updated by Driver: 8/26/2019
Proofed by Staff: 8/26/2019

 Driver Information
Hometown: Yankton,SD
Birthdate: 2/19/74
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200
Marital Status: Married - Becky
Children: Meghan
Employer: Manitou (Gehl Company)
Job: Project Engineer
Year Started Racing: 1996
Total Years Racing: 15
Racing Hero: Rick Hendrick (Hendrick Motorsports) - he is a class act as a person and leader and his teams are competitive

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2017 Lazer
Motor: Chevy
Owner: Gale Vogt
Crew Chief: Michael Vogt
Crew: Doug Wendell, Bryan Markes, Khristopher Warnke, Becky Vogt.
Sponsors & Support: Koenig Lumber, Vogt's Repair, Doyle Stevens Construction, Battery Exchange, Schaeffer's, Zeeb Farms (Earl & Mary, Menno, SD), LaCroix Construction Excavating. Want to thank Brian Myers for his long distance support. And thank you to all the fans for the support.

 Tracks & Series
Wagner Speedway (SD) - Late Model #1v
MBSLM Series - Super Late Model #1v

 Awards & Accomplishments
1996 - Stuart Community Track Late Model Feature win while racing part time.
1999 - 4th in Stuart Community Track Street Stock Season Points (multiple heat race wins and Trophy Dash win).
2000 - Stuart Community Track Street Stock Season Points Championship (1 heat race win).
2001 - 3rd in Stuart Community Track Street Stock Season Points (2 Feature wins).
2002 - 4 Top 5 finishes at Mid-Nebraska and 4 Top 5 finishes at Boone County in Late Model, finished 6th in Final Points at Mid-Nebraska and 9th at Boone County.
2003 - 2 Feature wins at Stuart Community track, 3 Top 5 finishes at Boone County and 1 Top 5 at Mid-Nebraska.
2004 - Top 5 finishes at Boone County Raceway.
2005 - 2 Feature wins at Stuart Community Track, finished 3rd in Points, finished Top 10 in Points at Boone County Raceway.
2006 - Late Model Points Championship at Stuart Community Track, 6th place finish in Points at Boone County Raceway, 5th place finish in Points at U.S. 30 Speedway.
2007 - Mid-Season Championship at Tomahawk Speedway, 1 Feature win at Wagner Speedway, 4 Feature wins and 2nd in Season Points at Stuart Community Track.
2008 - 3 Feature wins and finished 2nd in Championship Points at Wagner Speedway.
2011 - 3 Feature wins including Late Model Nationals at Wagner Speedway, finished 4th in Season Points.
2012 - Wagner Speedway Late Model Points Championship, 1 Feature win.
2013 - Wagner Speedway Late Model Points Championship, 1 Feature win.
2014 - Wagner Speedway Late Model Points Championship, 1 Feature win.
2015 - Wagner Speedway Late Model Points Runner Up.
2017 - Wagner Speedway Late Model Points Runner Up.
2018 - 5th in Tri-State Late Model Series Final Points.

 Career Summary
Dad raced a Late Model for years while I was growing up. I raced Go-Karts for a bit while in junior high. Dad retired from driving when I entered high school sports and we gave the car to a friend to get him started. We then received the car back when he upgraded. I was a junior at the University of Nebraska at the time and we got the car going for me to run a couple of shows at the Stuart Community Track that summer. Then I sold the car and completed college. I helped my younger brother Brad build a car and supported him a couple of years in the Bomber class at Stuart. I built my Street Stock car in the winter of 98-99 and raced during the 99 and 2000 seasons. Started in the Limited Late Model class in 2001 and raced both it and the Street Stock that year. Raced the full season in Doniphan in 2002 and many of the races at Boone County. In 2003 I raced several tracks as the car wasn't ready to make opening night anywhere. In 2004 I raced the full season at Boone County and traveled around some to other area tracks. For 2005 and 2006 I raced some at Mid-Nebraska, Boone County, U.S. 30, and the Stuart Community Track. In 2007 I mainly raced Tomahawk Speedway, which changed management and became Wagner Speedway half way through the season. Also raced Stuart Community Track, Albion, and Doniphan some. In 2008 I raced only at Wagner Speedway. I was forced to take most of 2009 and 2010 off from racing due to personal reasons, but went back to running a full schedule at Wagner Speedway starting in 2011 to present. I am also trying to hit occasional SLMR and MLRA touring events.
 Racing Goals
My goal is to run consistantly in the Top 5, and to win Championships and occasional Features.
 Other Interesting Team Information
Sometimes I think the only thing that got me through engineering school is the fact that I wanted to eventually race cars. Engineering allowed me to better understand what the car is doing and gave me the financial assistance needed to support my hobby. Car #1 was chosen because my dad was always #11, but #11 was already registered at the Stuart Community Track, so I dropped one of the digits and became #1. When I decided to start in the Late Model class, I chose to stick with the #1, but added a "V" because I knew I would be running a bunch of different tracks and didn't want to modify my number all the time.

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