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4jr David Jewett, Jr.          Updated by Driver: 7/8/2008
Proofed by Staff: 7/8/2008

 Driver Information
Nickname: Davey
Hometown: Lexington,NE
Birthdate: 8/30/70
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 126
Email Address: davey4jr@yahoo.com
Marital Status: Engaged - Machelle
Children: Kami, Nicole,Thane, Brooke, Alexa
Employer: Self-Employed
Job: Farmer
Year Started Racing: 1999
Total Years Racing: 7

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2005 Jet
Motor: Chevy
Owner: Lazy T Farms
Crew Chief: Machelle
Crew: Gene, Kevin.
Sponsors & Support: D & C Grandkids, The Box Bar, WHIP Inc.

 Tracks & Series
Dawson County Raceway (NE) - Modified #4jr
Eagle Raceway (NE) - Modified #4jr

 Awards & Accomplishments
July 2005 Modified A Feature win At Eagle Raceway.
 Career Summary
Before I started racing I was on a pit crew for another driver that was retiring. I enjoyed the sport and did not want to give it up so I decided to get my own car. We raced together for a year so that I could learn what I needed to from him. I enjoy racing. It is a different challange every week and my friends and family say that racing keeps me grounded.
 Racing Goals
I would like to finish in the Top 10 this year at the tracks where I race.
 Other Interesting Team Information
I am a big UNLV and Sooners fan. If you look close enough at the car, you will see that I support them even on the track (come check it out sometime). My car number is 4jr because 4 is my favorite number and I am a Junior. When I first started racing, my car color was black because that is what I liked. Then I changed it because people kept telling me it was hard to see on the track. Machelle and I came up with the look of the car this year. On the back of the car you can see "Back in Black" because we now have the car look we are happy with. As for rituals we listen to AC/DC before we race. It gets everyone in the racing mood!

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