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zr1 Ryan Webb          Updated by Driver: 4/15/2005
Proofed by Staff: 4/16/2005

 Driver Information
Nickname: Websy
Hometown: Denison,IA
Birthdate: 10/29/81
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200
Email Address: rjwebb@iastate.edu
Marital Status: Single
Job: ISU Student
Year Started Racing: 2001
Total Years Racing: 4
Racing Hero: Rusty Wallace and Ryan Newman

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: Terminator Buick Regal
Motor: Chevy
Owner: Webb Racing
Crew Chief: Jack Webb
Crew: Troy, Jesy, Ty, Kristin, Kara, Chad, Kuhlmann.
Sponsors & Support: Nicholas Wiges & Family, Fink Trucking, Empire Land & Cattle, Pitts Chiropractic Center, Broadway Dental, The Pub, B&D's Grill, M&H Collision Center, E-4 Sons Precision Services, Midwest Seed Genetics, Hair It Is, Denison Construction.

 Tracks & Series
Shelby County Speedway (IA) - Stock Car #zr1
Boone County Raceway (NE) - Stock Car #zr1

 Awards & Accomplishments
2001 - 8th in Points my rookie year in Hobby Stock at Crawford County Speedway. Top 5 finish in the first Feature I raced in.

2002 - 6th in CCS Hobby Stock Points. Hard Luck Award. Nothing but bad luck this year. Evidently someone else noticed too.

2003 - College internship. No racing this year.

2004 - 4th in CCS IMCA Stock Car Points. Rookie of the Year.

 Career Summary
My dad and uncle started racing when I was a kid. I was always interested in racing but I didn't really get involved until I was 20. I bought a piece of junk Hobby Stock and loved every minute on the track. From that point on I was completely hooked. I raced Hobbies for two years and then took a year off for a college internship. My dad and I bought a used Terminator Stock Car for the 2004 season at CCS. 2004 went pretty well. No Feature wins, but got real close a few times. I'm looking forward to 2005 and hopefully visits to Victory Lane at CCS and SCS.
 Racing Goals
To keep getting better and better until I'm the best. I'd like to win some races and a Points Championship in the Stock Cars and then move up to Modified.
 Other Interesting Team Information
I don't think people know how low budget our race team is. Our car is eight years old, we have very few spare parts, usually only one good set of tires and six or seven shocks, and our race shop is an old hog building. We're about as bare bones as you can get.

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