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Posted on 2/21/2020 6:37:49 PM
2000 GRT Late Model Full Roller With Updates $2900 or Trade

Good quality straight car, over 30 feature wins and two track championships. 4.86 Winters Quickchange rearend with Winters Track / Gold Track Posi type differential, bearing birdcages, 4-bar extension brackets, dropped LR underslung bar, Appleton power steering rack, motor plate, 12 gallon ATL fuel cell, Kirkey Intermediate seat, AutoMeter large face memory recall tach and AFCO backlit gauges in full gauge panel and switch panel, brake bias gauges, CNC brake bias adjuster, Wilwood brake pedal assembly, AFCO master cylinders, Wilwood calipers, lightweight magnesium Winters hubs, Coleman roller bearing gas pedal, AFCO shocks, springs, wheels & tires. Just needs engine and drivetrain for race ready car. The photo is from when the body was new. Body now has typical on-track battle scars. Definitely usable, but may want to replace sides if wanting to start with clean fresh look. Deck in fair shape, cockpit sheetmetal is all good.

$2900 for full roller. Will also sell as bare chassis with body and hard brake lines for $300. And will sell at any stage in between. Below are the amounts from the $2900 starting price that can be deducted to exclude each of the following items.

Fuel Cell -$300
Seat -$100
Gauges/Panels/Brake Adjuster -$200
Shocks/Springs -$150
Wheels/Tires -$150
Steering Rack -$200
Hubs/Rotors/Calipers -$100
Rearend/Birdcages/JBar/Torque Arm Assembly -$1200

Excluding everything above would deduct a total of $2400, resulting in a final cost of only $500, which, in addition to the chassis and body, would include all the front suspension, rear 4-bars, JBar bracket, top torque arm bracket, 6th coil assembly with spring and chain, brake/clutch pedal assembly with master cylinders and full brake lines including the flexible lines that attach to the calipers, clutch line, throttle pedal, steering wheel & shaft with u-joints and couplers, shifter assembly, window net, and more.

Also have several GRT spare parts including brand new front & rear bumpers and door bars, brand new spindles, good used torque arm, new and good used control arms, birdcages, brake rotors, and more. Prices negotiable on parts.

Would also be open to considering a trade for a SportMod or other type of racecar, pickup truck or street car, tools, even household or other non-racing items. Let me know what you have! If you've always wanted to go Late Model racing, here's your chance to do it very inexpensively!

Contact Information:
     Dave Cook
     Email: dave@dirtdrivers.com

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