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dirtdrivers.com claims no responsibility for the accuracy of any classifieds posted or for the integrity of those doing business via the classifieds, and recommends all users to exercise caution when buying or selling.

Ad Heading Contact Posted
07 Swartz with 14 updates      Tyler Andreasen 3/6 6:02am
5.29 lightweight gear w/ full spool $250      Eric McMillan 3/5 7:43pm
Falcon Transmission      Philip Loseke 3/5 7:00pm
CORVETTE 10.5 CLUTCH & BELLHOUSING      Al Druesedow 3/5 10:03am
Race Car Air bumper jack      denny moore 3/5 7:44am
Sanborn portable air compressor      denny moore 3/5 7:42am
1993 Lumina Euro....      Dale Primrose Jr., Team 12 Racing, Pettitt Plbg, etc..etc 3/4 8:57pm
parts       corey bosma 3/4 7:54pm
Quick change gears      Bobby Ryan 3/4 1:31pm
Sardeson Sport Mod SOLD Thanks DD      Michael Jones 3/4 11:49am
Wanted 633 650 or 666 third member      Kyle Morse 3/4 10:15am
RACEIVERS SPECIALS AT lincoln swapmeet      Vern Ruschmann 3/4 6:22am
victory a or b mod floater rearend      Vern Ruschmann 3/4 6:09am
lincoln swapmeet march 5th      Vern Ruschmann 3/4 6:05am
04 ROCKET ROLLER + EXTRAS      Al Druesedow 3/3 11:17pm
2012 Ultramax Phaze-x Flat kart SOLD!      don rasmussen 3/3 6:08pm
AED Carburetor & Vortex Spacer      Shane Lewis 3/3 3:27pm
Parts      3/3 12:47pm
Complete Racing Outfit FOR SALE      Michael Nanfito 3/2 10:12pm
Fuel Cell, carb, heads ( correct phone number)      Nick Hermsen 3/2 3:48pm
Wanted--400 turbo or 700r4 trans for chevy trk.      Bill Flegg 3/2 6:39am
Stock GM Monte SS Rearend      Lance Todd 3/1 9:47pm
Fuel cel, carberator, heads      Nick Hermsen 3/1 3:45pm
2010 Sport Mod race ready      Lynn Starry 3/1 1:18pm
Winters 9" with all Sport Mod brackets      Eric McMillan 2/28 10:23pm
ISO 28ft enclosed       corey bosma 2/28 9:17pm
09 Masterbuilt smack      brad perdue 2/28 8:24pm
2012 Ultramax Phaze-x Flat kart      Don Rasmussen 2/28 7:17pm
Open Trailer for sale      Jim Jurgens 2/28 4:29pm
More contact info for bellhousing      Dave Coberly 2/28 1:20pm
Looking for a steel blow proof bellhousing      Dave Coberly 2/28 1:18pm
2009 Harris A mod      Jason Minnehan 2/28 7:11am
2012 Sportmod roller $3800      Austin Svoboda 2/27 8:10pm
Aero beadlock and rim       Brian . 2/27 7:25pm
2010 Sports Mod      Lynn Starry 2/27 5:18pm
Afco radiator and steering quickener      Eric McMillan 2/27 10:13am
Schoenfeld Sport Mod Headers 1101      Eric McMillan 2/27 10:11am
Late model WRS-D55s Hoosier tires for sale      Chris Stevens 2/27 8:08am
1986 1/2 4x4 diffs trany and case for sale      Chris Stevens 2/27 7:59am
2001 GMC Yukon XL forsale or trade      Chris Stevens 2/27 7:56am
Forsale 2005 LM with 2011 updates      Chris Stevens 2/27 7:50am
605 and 800 GM steering boxes--$75 each.      Bill Flegg 2/26 9:27pm
kb carb and taco      fred miller 2/26 7:05pm
9 Inch Gears      2/26 5:54pm
2013 Hobby Stock turn key for sale      Paul Dahl 2/26 10:56am
iso gauges      Brian Schultz 2/25 9:18pm
Wanted--turbo 400 for 1990 chevy truck      Bill Flegg 2/25 12:05pm
NEW SHORTBLOCK W/ LT WT ROTATING ASMB.      Al Druesedow 2/25 9:45am
Hobby stock      Brad Nelson 2/25 9:27am
Sportmod/Hobbystock motor      Blaine Walt 2/25 9:21am
Custom cut graphics and lettering. ORDER SOON!      BADAZZ GRAFIX 2/24 3:12pm
Swap meet is a go. This sunday. Sioux city. 9am.       lloyd schweigert 2/24 12:04pm
Longacre Spring Rater      Justin O'Brien 2/24 11:23am
WANTED TO BUY MUNCIE CORES OR PARTS      Al Druesedow 2/23 11:28pm
Wanted--good used 700r4 for chevy truck      Bill Flegg 2/23 9:22pm
350 Blocks are sold      Chad Dolan 2/23 5:45pm
360 18 degree all aluminum chevy      mike wiarda 2/23 3:01pm
850 rapture gas carb      mike wiarda 2/23 2:59pm
370 chevy- bow tie heads, roller cam      mike wiarda 2/23 2:57pm
Braswells Sold      Chad Dolan 2/23 11:08am
Swap meet is a go. This sunday. Sioux city. 9am.       lloyd schweigert 2/23 8:47am
SIOUX CITY SWAP MEET SUNDAY!!!!!!!      Andrew Kosiski 2/22 11:42am
Cage Karts for sale      chuck dillon 2/22 8:26am
Crane Cams 6000-6478 HI-6RL Oval Track Ignition      Timothy Teff 2/22 6:54am
602 beya headers for razor sport mod sold      Tyler Andreasen 2/22 6:38am
486 9 inch gear 31 spline       corey bosma 2/22 6:37am
metric car suspension & body parts       Greg Gimpel 2/21 11:27pm
powerglide cores       Greg Gimpel 2/21 11:17pm
Beer signs sold.. Thanks DD      Todd Ligenza 2/21 5:13pm
Motown 220 Heads--Fresh from Spanel!      Ross Afrank 2/21 1:44pm
2013 Terminator IMCA Stock Car      Scotty Hartman 2/21 11:29am
Jet sport mod roller       dylan haney 2/21 11:27am
2008 Starlight IMCA Stock Car      Scotty Hartman 2/21 11:21am
68-72 rf horn       Brian . 2/21 10:11am
Sardeson Sport Mod      Michael Jones 2/21 5:18am

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