About the Malvern Bank Super Late Models

The MBSLM is an economical Super Late Model racing series headquartered in Eastern Nebraska that was created to keep Super Late Model racing alive in the Central U.S. The MBSLM engine rules package allows many different engine options to compete, thereby allowing drivers to use engines that they already have, or that they are using at their local tracks, to compete in the series. The affordable purse structure of the MBSLM Series allows smaller tracks in the area to be able to afford to have a Super Late Model special event once or twice a year. In 2020 the series expanded into two regions, the Malvern Bank West Series and the Malvern Bank East Series Presented by Hoker Trucking, bringing in many new tracks and racers to the series schedule.

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About Malvern Bank / Dirt Track Bank

Malvern Bank, located in Malvern, Iowa, takes great pride in the relationships developed while serving the community for over 100 years. In addition to making it a priority to provide extraordinary care and customer service in everything they do, "The Official Bank of Dirt Track Racing" also places a large focus on local racing. Malvern Bank is the title sponsor for the MBSLM Racing Series, providing financial backing to the series point funds and additional monies to certain series events, and continually adding more to the series as their banking business grows. Malvern Bank has also established itself as the go-to bank for providing loans to dirt tracks, chassis builders, race shops, and racers financing their haulers.

In 2019 Malvern Bank created Dirt Track Bank, a nationwide online bank dedicated to dirt track racing. Anyone involved in dirt track racing, whether car owners, drivers, or fans, now have a bank set up just for them, that they can call their own. Incentives for new customers include free checking and bank cards featuring a photo of any dirt driver's car. And Dirt Track Bank gives back to the racing community. Deposits made into Dirt Track Bank provide additional funding for sponsoring more racing events and making more loans to racers.

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