45 Adam Gullion          Updated by Driver: 4/12/2003
Edited by Staff: 4/18/2007

 Driver Information
Nickname: The Rocket
Hometown: Beatrice, NE
Birthdate: 12/24/85
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 160
Email Address: raceman45@hotmail.com
Marital Status: Dating - Jes
Year Started Racing: 1999
Total Years Racing: 4
Racing Hero: Doug Wolfgang - he is one of the greatest unrealized racer.

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2003 Factor 1
Motor: Yamaha R6 600cc
Owner: Mark & Joli Gullion
Crew Chief: Curt Geunther
Crew: Mark, Joli, McKenzie, Jes, Curt, Justin.
Sponsors & Support: I would like to thank all of my sponsors for their help and support. I would also like to thank my friends and family for all of their support in whatever I do. And last but not least, I would like to thank the race fans, and track personel for all that they do.

 Tracks & Series
KAM Raceway (NE) - Scaled Sprint #45

 Awards & Accomplishments
1999 - 9th in 125cc Points at Greenwood, NE.
2000 - 10th in 600cc A class Points at Greenwood, NE.
2001 - Points Championship and Rookie of the Year in Jayhusker Multi class (youngest ever to do so).
2002 - Points Championship in Jayhusker Multi class (youngest to do so twice), 12 Trophy Dash wins out of 24 races, 20 Top 5 finishes out of 24 races.

 Career Summary
When I was a little kid my dad was involved with a Stock Car and then a Modified. A friend had a car he wanted to sell, we bought it, and it has been a tale ever since.
 Racing Goals
Be not only the first, but the youngest, to win 3 straight Jayhusker Points Titles.
 Other Interesting Team Information
Racing ritual is to never wear green, never eat chicken, or park in the same spot as last week, and always let my sister draw for my starting position for me.