22 Jason Potter          Updated by Driver: 3/29/2007
Edited by Staff: 6/20/2007

 Driver Information
Nickname: Racin' Jason
Hometown: Grand Island, NE
Birthdate: 10/1/85
Height: 5'7"
Email Address: openwheelracer17@aol.com
Racing Web Site: potterracing.bravehost.com
Marital Status: Dating - Sami
Children: Annalicia Brooke
Employer: Chief Industries
Year Started Racing: 1993
Total Years Racing: 13
Racing Hero: Billy "The Kid" Murphy - his aggressive but smooth driving style.

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: Sawyer
Motor: Yamaha R6
Owner: Wayne & Bryan Potter
Crew: Scotty Win - Tires & Setup, Sean - Mudd Off, Randy - a lot, Dad - miscellaneous

 Tracks & Series
KAM Raceway (NE) - Scaled Sprint #22

 Awards & Accomplishments
Junior I:

1994 - Began career, 5 Feature wins, 3rd in Hastings Points, Rookie of the Year Award, 3rd in Tri-City Car Show.

1995 - 7 Feature wins, 5th in State Series Race in Waverly and Norfolk, 14th in Nebraska State Series Points, 2nd in Hastings Points, raced at Broken Bow for the Fair, winning all 3 races, 2nd in Tri-City Car Show.

1996 - 11 Feature wins, Points Championship in Hastings, Tri-City Car Show winner in Kart division.

1997 - 7 Feature wins, 2nd Place in Points at Hastings, 2nd at Tri-City Car Show.

Junior II:

1998 - 6 Feature wins, went to Richmond Missouri to K.A.R.T. Nationals, finishing 38th, 2nd Place in Points at Hastings, 2nd at Tri-City Car Show, attended Habitat for Humanity Car Show.

1999 - 7 Feature wins, 2nd Place in Points at Hastings, Driver of the Year Award in Hastings, 2nd at Tri-City Car Show.

2000 - 2 Feature wins, 2nd Place in Points at Hastings.

2001 - 7 Feature wins, 2nd Place in Points at Hastings, 5th Place in Points at Litchfield, won 5 out of 6 Features at Litchfield.


2002 - 5 Feature wins first year racing Mini-Sprints, raced three races at Hastings and finished in the Top 3 every time, Points Championship in the Sprint Car division at Litchfield.

2004 - 1 A Feature win in first year in a 600.

2005 - Drove For DABCO Chassis.

2006 - 1 A Feature win, 4th in Points at Kam Raceway.

 Racing Goals
Continue to have fun.
 Other Interesting Team Information
When I first started racing, someone told me there are two things that are bad luck to have on your race car. I asked what they were and they said the color green and flames. Well our car was black with neon green flames. If you ever see us at the track, just ask Scott about his hand signal to me before I go out. It's a funny story.