57 Randall Sorge          Updated by Driver: 10/9/2007
Edited by Staff: 10/9/2007

 Driver Information
Hometown: Roseland, NE
Birthdate: 73
Height: 5'9"
Email Address: sorge57@yahoo.com
Marital Status: Single
Employer: Lakeside Autobody
Job: Co-Owner

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2003 Factor 1
Motor: GSXR 600cc
Owner: Randall Sorge
Sponsors & Support: Lakeside Autobody, Taco Johns - Hastings, Kenesaw Motors, Barrista's, CarQuest Auto Parts - Grand Island and Kearney, Dent Technique by Steve Lacey.

 Tracks & Series
KAM Raceway (NE) - Scaled Sprint #57

 Awards & Accomplishments
2004 and 2005 Track Points Championships in Flat Track Quads. 3rd in 2006 Points my first year in a Mini-Sprint. 2007 Points Championship in 600 Mini-Sprints.
 Racing Goals
To stay a clean driver and be a good sportsman.
 Other Interesting Team Information
If you have a MySpace page, search my name for onboard video on my MySpace page.