15 Benjamin Stephens          Updated by Driver: 5/16/2011
Edited by Staff: 5/16/2011

 Driver Information
Nickname: Ben
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Birthdate: 3/3/97
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140
Email Address: stephens98@windstream.net
Marital Status: Single
Employer: Wavelink Raceway Park
Year Started Racing: 2005
Total Years Racing: 6
Racing Hero: Ron Love - he is in charge of my car and has taught me everthing I know about racing

 Car Information
Motor: 600cc
Owner: Wavelink Raceway Park
Crew Chief: Ron Love
Crew: Mike Stephens, Bill Lloyd, Cannon Stephens.
Sponsors & Support: S&L Motorsports, Renick Duct Cleaning, Terry's Auto Body, Grandma & Grandpa Kastens, Grandma Deskins, Taylor Stephens, Cannon Stepehns, Mom & Dad, Aunt Shelly & Uncle Tad, Aunt Tami, Shelby & Tyler.

 Tracks & Series
KAM Raceway (NE) - Scaled Sprint #15

 Awards & Accomplishments
2005 - Junior Sprint Class: 1 heat win, 5th in WRP Track Points.

2006 - Junior Sprint Class: 3 heat wins, 1 Feature win, 3rd in WRP Track Points.

2007 - Junior Sprint Class: 8 heat wins, 2 Feature wins, WRP Track Championship.

2008 - Junior Sprint Class: 9 heat wins, 6 Feature wins, 2nd in WRP Track Points.

2009 - 600 Restrictor Class: 8 heat wins, 4 Feature wins, WRP Track Championship.

 Career Summary
I have raced in the Junior Sprint class, 600 Restrictor class and now the 600 Open class. I became involved in racing when I was very young at the racetrack my dad owned.
 Racing Goals
To race clean and have a good time. To challenge myself every time I get on the track. To drive with patience and integrity.
 Other Interesting Team Information
I picked 15 for my car number because that is Ron Love's number, and I have been watching him race since I was born.