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1150 Todd Bell          Updated by Driver: 5/17/2012
Proofed by Staff: 3/27/2017

 Driver Information
Nickname: Hot Taco
Hometown: Omaha,NE
Birthdate: 8/20/70
Height: 6'0''
Weight: 235
Email Address: toddbell@sappbrospetro.com
Marital Status: Single
Employer: Sapp Brothers Petroleum
Job: Sales Rep
Year Started Racing: 1999
Total Years Racing: 11
Racing Hero: Rusty Wallace - his attitude.

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2003 Rocket
Motor: GM Crate 350 / Eckley Racing Engines 355
Owner: Todd Bell
Crew: Tony, Dom, Joe.
Sponsors & Support: Oscar's Pizza & Sports Grille, MCL Construction (Meyers Carlisle Leapley) - Omaha, Custom Saw Mill - Omaha, Micro Plumbing - Omaha, Sempecks Bowling & Entertainment - Elkhorn, Cohen & Kelly's Lounge -Omaha, Jesse James Whiskey, UV Vodka, Blair One Stop - Blair, Bell Bank Consulting - Elkhorn. Thanks also to the girls for their help and food on race night.

 Tracks & Series
I-80 Speedway (NE) - Super Late Model #1150
I-80 Speedway (NE) - Grand National Late Model #1150
Junction Motor Speedway (NE) - Late Model #1150
MBSLM Series - Super Late Model #1150

 Awards & Accomplishments
8 Feature wins, 5 B Feature wins, 24 heat wins, 2nd in 2001 Nebraska Raceway Park Rookie Points, 2001 Nebraska Raceway Park Best Appearing Car Award, 8th in 2002 Points, 2nd in 2005 Junction Motor Speedway Points, 3rd in 2005 I-80 Speedway Points, 2006 Rookie of the Year runner-up at both Junction Motor Speedway and I-80 Speedway in Super Late Models.
 Career Summary
I have always loved racing. I got started as a corporate sponsor at Sunset Speedway. I then drove a Cruiser car, and then moved into the Hobby Stock division. I also drove a Grand National Late Model for another owner for two years.
 Racing Goals
Win a Track Championship. Be consistant and go out to win every week.
 Other Interesting Team Information
We try to help anyone at the track that needs help, whether it be parts or help fixing their car. All kids are welcome to come and sit in the car if they would like to after the races.

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