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4k Mick King          Updated by Driver: 9/23/2008
Proofed by Staff: 6/12/2009

 Driver Information
Hometown: Odebolt,IA
Birthdate: 2/28/78
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165
Email Address: mick@mickkingracing.com
Racing Web Site: www.mickkingracing.com
Marital Status: Dating
Employer: Mark Hansen's Rex Chevrolet/GMC
Job: Sales Manager
Year Started Racing: 1998
Total Years Racing: 8
Racing Hero: Dale Earnhardt (The Legend!)

 Car Information
Year/Make/Model: 2007 Harris
Owner: Mick King
Crew Chief: Jeff King
Crew: My brothers Jeff & Dave, Mark Reis, Lindsay, Steph.
Sponsors & Support: Mark Hansen's Rex Chevrolet/GMC, Bettin Trucking, M43 Chrome Shop, Bob Ziegmann, Ziegmann Farms, Tandy's Day Care, Kiron Auto & Body, Lundell Plastics, UAP - Larry Schulte, Youngren Farms, King Construction, The Electric Company, Mom & Dad.

 Tracks & Series
Shelby County Speedway (IA) - SportMod #4k

 Awards & Accomplishments
2008 10 Feature wins
2008 - Tiny Lund Memorial Championship
2008 - Dwight Wrich Memorial Championship
2008 - Supernationals Qualifying A Feature win
2008 - Shelby County Speedway King of the Hill Championship

2007 4 Feature wins
2007 - Tiny Lund Memorial Championship

 Career Summary
I started racing in 1998 in the Hobby Stocks at Crawford County Speedway. I traded an old pickup for a Hobby Stock in a guy's grove. We painted it, and put in a worn out motor. I eventually blew up the motor and crashed the car, which was fine because it was junk to start with. After a few years of the Hobby Stock we ran a Stock Car for Reis Racing in Odebolt in 2005-06. We now have an IMCA SportMod. This is our second year racing a SportMod.
 Racing Goals
Goals are to win races, and have a lot of fun.
 Other Interesting Team Information
This year we got banged up pretty bad in Onawa one night and had to take the car to Harris to get a few things fixed. We stripped the entire car down to just some wires and brake lines, with no other parts were on the car. We got the car back and in the race shop at 7:00 on a Tuesday night completely bare. We raced the following night in Alta and got 2nd. We have a great crew. Without them, there is no way we would ever have made it out on the track. Thanks guys and gals! You know who you are!

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